Women in Capital Markets Day hosted by Edward Jones

By Kelly Chavez, Finance and Business Economics Major

EJOn March 6th, corporate partner Edward Jones hosted Women in Capital Markets Day at their headquarters in Tempe. The event brought about 20 Eller women scholars to learn more about the possibility of careers in capital markets and at Edward Jones. Prior to visiting, some students described their idea of the trading floor as being male-dominated, aggressive or loud, as it often appears in the movies, but the student job shadows helped break down those stereotypes.

Students took a bus from Tucson to Tempe where the day began with a welcome address from one of the firm’s general partners. After a brief overview of the company and its culture, students were broken into small groups and able to shadow each of the municipal bonds, corporate bonds, and equity desks. Students also had lunch to network with leaders and associates at the firm followed by a panel discussion and Q&A.

Finance major Kham To describes her experience:

My favorite part of the day was the ability to rotate through each trading desk and get a feel for what each trader did on a daily basis. Everybody was very informative and I learned a lot about trading municipal and corporate bonds as well as equity. They were all willing to answer our questions, too, which I found very helpful. 

The most important thing I learned from the Edward Jones experience is the positive company culture. I loved how inviting and calm the environment was. Everybody was doing their own thing while also talking to each other and having a good time. This is the type of work environment I can see myself in after I graduate from Eller. 

Edward Jones currently host the Edward Jones Portfolio challenge on campus and was recently named #6 on Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”, its twelfth consecutive year on the top ten.

Eller’s Newest Club Will be Making Impacts in the Tucson Community

By Victoria Preciado, Eller Service Honorary Community Outreach Director

Eller Service Honorary is Eller’s newest student organization. The purpose of the honorary is to bring together outstanding business students who are passionate about service and improving the Tucson community. Due to the high number of well qualified applicants, the club has recruited 120 members for their introductory semester.

Members in this club are split up into 10 committees depending on their interest and will be fulfilling 10 service hours per semester through committee organized service projects. The Service Honorary has created a partnership with the Boys & Girls club and will have one committee dedicated to that organization. Additional committee focuses will be: Animals, Education/Reading Programs, Food/Hunger Relief, Healthcare, Adopt-A-Street, Youth Outreach, Senior Citizen Service & Care, Veterans/Military, and Education/School Beautification. Eller Service Honorary hopes to greatly impact the community through coverage of diverse organizations and service projects.

We have many exciting projects planned allowing leadership from the Service Honorary members and involvement from all Eller students. Members will play an integral part in planning and facilitating Eller’s annual Make a Difference Day, as well as introducing “Be Kind Week” leading up to Eller’s two-day event. Additionally, Service Honorary members will be hosting Eller’s first business suit drive this spring semester. The suit drive will allow Eller students to participate in giving back by donating old business professional or business casual clothing.

Monthly meetings will allow all 120 members to convene as a group and learn of the progress of each committee’s projects. Members will be updated on the status of their committee service projects and be introduced to additional volunteer opportunities, as all members are welcomed and encouraged to take part in community events outside of their respective committee. Members will also be exposed and connected to non-profit leaders in the Tucson community through speakers at club meetings.

The Eller College of Management is thrilled to have an honorary focused on giving back. Eller Service Honorary members are excited to make a positive impact in the Tucson community.

Student Spotlight: Allen Hancock, Amazon

Allen HancockAllen is an MIS senior graduating this May. Some of his prior experiences include being a Logistics Operator/Supervisor for the U.S. Marine Corps, serving as an Enrollment Specialist in Veteran Affairs, and now working as an iOS Advisor for Apple. He will be an Area Manager for Amazon (location TBD) upon graduation.

Can you tell us more about the position that you’ve accepted?

As an Area Manager, one of my responsibilities will be to review the work forecasts and determine productivity requirements to meet the overall building objectives. I will also be partnering with other Area Managers to balance labor ensuring, that we are each operating a balanced and efficient shift while meeting all of our goals. In addition, Area Managers provide support for all safety programs and OSHA compliance to ensure a safe work environment for all associates and proactively identify and lead process improvement initiatives and Lean tools.

What was the application and interview process like for Amazon?

I had my first interview with amazon on campus. They ask a lot of questions about leadership and have a short math test. Then Amazon flew me out to Dallas Texas for my other Job interviews. It consisted of another math test and four more interviews, all in one day.

What do you look forward to most about the experience?

Amazon is loud and fast-paced, just the way I like it. I think I will do well in the company.

Career Spotlight: Drew Fischer, San Diego Padres

Drew Fischer

Drew Fischer graduated in May 2014 with a degree in Economics and a minor in sociology.

What are you currently doing?

Currently I am an Account Executive for Membership Development in the front office of the San Diego Padres. 

How did you get to where you are today?

It all started back in the spring of 2012 while in my Math 115B class. Jeff Welter came into our class to talk about BNAD 200, a 1-unit class offered only Friday mornings. I decided to take the course because it was based around the interview process and how to become more prepared for the real world. That is where I met Pete Corrigan, who contributed a huge part to what I’m doing today. His background as well as enthusiasm for the class drew me in as a student. I met with him and sought guidance in the career center and, following his advice, was able to lock down an internship with the IRC and then a job in sales with Farmers Insurance. This experience and my passion for sports led to a job at Arizona in the Athletic Department doing outbound sales for all sports. Following that job, and guidance from another mentor in Marketing & Sponsorship at Arizona, I was able to get two interviews (one phone and another in person) with the San Diego Padres. With my past experience and readiness for the interview process I received an offer that was given to seven others in a pool of around 1,000 applicants. After six months of being in our Inside Sales Program I was at the top of my class in sales and revenue and was promoted to Account Executive for Membership Development. Had I not had the fire lit under me from Pete early on, I would not be where I am today.

What advice do you have for current students?

Start to think about your future before your future becomes your reality. It took one small step for me to get on the path to where I am today. Looking back, it was such a small decision to take BNAD 200 but was also a catalyst for everything else that subsequently happened. I highly recommend getting some type of mentor in both the field that you’re interested in as well as someone like Pete who has a wide range of knowledge in the professional world. It’s all about who you know and the more people you know, the more doors will open up for you.

Silver and Sage Founding Story


Abel graduated in December 2011 and now works at Edward Jones. He was one of the 16 founding members of the Silver and Sage Senior Honorary.

By Abel Serratos

SSOFinalThe first meeting of S&S was held in the Fall of 2010 at Frog & Firkin. The sixteen of us did not know it at the time, but we had been chosen to congregate because of our involvement and dedication at The University of Arizona. We were entrusted with the task of creating a Secret Society within The Eller College of Management. We all believed that anonymous contributions to the college were the purest form of philanthropy. Our vision was to act in the best interests of the college and to help support it. This involved many facets of volunteering, fundraising, and advocacy; just to name a few. We also aimed at continuing this commitment after graduation through the network that we have managed to create between each S&S class. The contributions that S&S makes to Eller continue to grow year after year. They have become a true testament to the purpose of the society.

Dream Careers Internship Program: Seanise Haskins, RedPeg Marketing


Seanise graduated in December 2014 with a major in Marketing. She is now a Client Relationship Manager for Ernest Packaging Solutions in Los Angeles, CA.

How was your experience with Dream Careers summer internship program in Washington D.C.? Who did you work for? What projects did you work on or what events did you attend?

My experience this past summer with Dream Careers was amazing! I made so many memories and friends that I will never forget. I was also able to really first hand experience in my field as well as start to see what the world is going got be like outside of college. I worked at RedPeg Marketing while I was in Washington, D.C. I attended all of Dream Careers’ events, which were extremely informative and inspirational. The speakers really motivated us all to go out and do our best every day at work in order to get noticed by our employers.

How did this internship allow you to be successful in finding your current full time position?

The internship gave me a strong understanding of how companies work and what employers are looking for. Not only did I learn so much about Marketing but I also was given the confidence I needed to know that I am a great employee. I believe that is what shined through and helped me do so well in all of my interviews and ultimately helped me get the job I have now.

Would you recommend the Dream Careers summer internship programs to other Eller students?

I honestly think the Dream Careers summer internship program should be an Eller requirement. The program helped show me how the business world really is and allowed me to use the skills I learned at Eller in real life situations. Eller students who are looking to get inspired and excited about starting successful careers should enroll in a Dream Careers program!

Dream Careers: Emily Mcsherry, Matthew Robbins Design

Emily Mcsherry


Emily is a senior studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

1. How was your experience with Dream Career’s summer internship program in New York? Who did you work for? What projects did you work on or what events did you attend?

My experience with Dream Careers in New York was exactly what I was looking for. I actually pre-determined I wanted to intern with Matthew Robbins Design before knowing about Dream Careers, and then decided to also participate in the program because I wanted to live with other college students and have resources that would be beneficial to me while living in a new city.

I wanted to intern at Matthew Robbins Design because I had personal interest to explore the Event Management and Design, and Brand Management industry in New York City. It enabled me to build new skill sets, get hands-on experience, and attend special events throughout famous New York venues and other parts of the East Coast for top-tier clients. My favorite events through my internship were visiting the Martha Stewart Headquarters to assist with a photo shoot, and help with the design and prep for the wedding of Obama’s head chef where John Mayer surprised everyone as a guest performer! Not only did I love learning about such a unique industry, but living in the New York University dorms in the heart of Manhattan also enabled me to explore the extraordinary aspects of New York City.

2. How did this internship allow you to be successful in finding your next internship or full time position?

After interning with Matthew Robbins Design, I realized that I enjoyed working directly with clients, developing new business, creating marketing strategies, and branding aspects of events more than actually managing event operations. This lead me to further pursue these interests by becoming VP of Marketing for my start-up M.U.D. Bars as part of the McGuire Entrepreneurship Program, where I have been able to experiment with creating marketing and branding strategies for my venture while expanding other aspects of new business development. It has also lead me to pursuing my recently acquired full-time position after graduation where I will be working directly with new clients, helping develop new business, and assisting in the development of marketing strategies in Santa Monica, CA.

3. Would you recommend the Dream Careers summer internship programs to other Eller students?

I would especially recommend Eller students to participate in the Dream Careers program if there is a specific city, country, or industry you are yearning to live in or work in. The program provides you with an automatic community of students similar to you where you can establish new relationships, and gives you the foundation to explore personal interests in a specific industry or location, which you may not be able to do otherwise. In cities such as New York, the Dream Careers Program offers a comparatively affordable and safe way to live in a foreign place while pursuing an internship of your interest. Participating in the program will also give you a professional reference and internship experience to put on your resume to help you acquire future endeavors, and can leave you with lasting relationships with students from around the world and an experience you will never forget.

Student Spotlight: Katie Trump, Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals

Katie Trump

Katie is in her first semester at Eller as a double major in MIS and Accounting, with an expected graduation date of December 2016.

By Katie Trump

I am currently an MIS intern for Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals. It is located in Tucson, so I am able to work during the school year as a part-time intern, as well as a full-time intern during the summer. The main focus of Cancer Prevention Pharmaceuticals is to develop prevention therapies to help people who are more likely to develop cancer. As an MIS intern I work with the design, maintenance, and troubleshooting of all the IT hardware that is used in the office.

I learned about this wonderful opportunity with CPP through my Eller career coach, Nancy Roberts. I made an appointment with Nancy to talk about my future plans. Based on the resume template that Nancy gave me, I reworked my resume and she helped me forward it to CPP. Afterwards, CPP sent me an email with several preliminary questions, and I was asked in for an interview the next day. A few days later I was offered the position. My internship position with CPP enables me to use and develop both my MIS and Accounting skills, and I would not have been able to obtain this position without the help of Nancy Roberts and the Eller College.

To schedule an appointment with a career coach, visit esms.eller.arizona.edu –> New Appointment –> Career and Professional Development Advising.

Student Spotlight: Melissa Rose, ’15

Melissa Rose Picture

Finance senior Melissa Rose shares her Eller Experience and how she landed her job on Wall Street.

As soon as I started my college career at the University of Arizona I knew I wanted to be involved. I am financially independent so I wanted to get the most out of my college experience. I joined ELITE, the Eller Leadership and Integrity Training for Excellence Club as a freshman, and also starting working in Eller’s Undergraduate Offices as the Professional Programs Coordinator. The following year, I joined the Eller Leadership Board as well as the Investments Club to stay involved. I have been lucky enough to travel with our business school and my peers to meet Warren Buffett in Omaha, Nebraska as well travel on the Investments Club Networking Trip to New York City. I studied abroad on Eller’s Global Cohort to Brazil, which was an amazing experience. I was able to get my first semester Eller courses done during the week and then travel to Brazil’s beautiful beaches on the weekend.

My junior year I returned from Brazil, knowing I needed to start looking for internships. I wasn’t sure what part of the financial services industry I wanted to get into until I started researching Sales and Trading and Goldman Sachs. Two Eller Alumni, now Goldman Sachs employees, came to campus in September to interview 10 students for an internship on Wall Street. At that time, I had no idea what they did on a day to day basis, but it immediately interested me, and I made it a goal for myself to learn as much as possible, and eventually make it to Wall Street. My name wasn’t on the list to be interviewed, but as soon as I found out they were coming to campus I wanted to get in front of them to show them why I deserved a chance. As a junior, I snuck into an information session the alumni were hosting for freshmen and sophomores with my resume and cover letter in hand. After the information session I ran up to Keith Zusi, the alumni, and asked if he would interview me for the internship. He said no to interviewing me three times but I kept my persistence and he finally agreed. He saw that I was dedicated to learning the material so he gave me a chance. He and Stuart Kasdin, the other alumni, interviewed me the next day and decided to push my resume forward to the next round of interviews in January.

I spent my entire fall semester, about 350 hours worth, studying the industry, mock interviewing with older students and alumni, to prepare myself to compete against students from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. The Professional Development Center was a huge help to me, connecting me with alumni in the Tucson area to give myself some exposure to finance as well as alumni at other Wall Street Banks. I can’t even count the amount of times Jeff Welter mock interviewed me to help, I couldn’t have done it without him.

In January, I went through my full day of interviews with Goldman Sachs and received the internship offer. It was an amazing experience working for the company, but also a very competitive and difficult one. I worked 16-hour days for 10 weeks. I learned an incredible amount of information and put together my own original trade ideas to present to different Partners at the firm. I was able to meet the CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, and he even responded to my follow up email (thank you to Eller’s Business Communications course for preparing me for that). The work was hard and the hours were long but it was all worth it because now I am graduating in May 2015 knowing I have a job offer with Goldman Sachs in New York City.

We Use to Brand Cattle: Now We Brand Ourselves?

By Matt Lehrer, Career Coach

Since ancient times, “hot branding” has been used to identify the owner of livestock.  Today, some ranchers brand livestock differently, for example, with ear tags or tattoos.  But whatever the method, branding has always served a very important purpose for ranchers:  to identify the livestock’s owner.  How and why do business professionals brand themselves today?

Peter Drucker says that we are living in the era of the three C’s – accelerated change, overwhelming complexity and tremendous competition.  Therefore, creating your personal brand is the only way you can stand out from the crowd.  But how do you develop your own brand?

Start by asking “what makes me different?”  “What do I want to be known for?”  Here are several keys to building a quality personal brand.  These are certainly not the only keys, but they are important ones.

Ask Why.  What is the ultimate purpose, belief or cause that inspires and drives you?  As Napoleon Hill said in “Think and Grow Rich,” “without developing an all-consuming obsession, a definite purpose and a burning desire, you won’t find the motivation to succeed.”

Do you want to leave a legacy?  Achieve great things?  Provide the very best lifestyle possible for your family?

Be Authentic.  Having an authentic personal brand is a valuable asset in today’s online, virtual and individual age.

Your personal brand should reflect your passion, dreams, purpose uniqueness, values, characteristics, experience and ambition – who you really are and what you really want.  This builds trust and credibility.

Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert.  Top experts often command the best jobs.

Dare to be Remarkable.  “Average is for losers,”  said Seth Godin.  Some say that if we are not remarkable, then we are invisible.

Develop Your Pitch and Get Noticed.  The purpose of the pitch is not to close the sale.  It’s to start the conversation, to sell the appointment.  And the best pitch is a true, stunning, brief little piece of your story.  Something real.

Strengths.  Know your strengths.  Live them and leverage them in the service of others.

Value.  It is powerful to have strengths but this must be paired with value.  How do your strengths deliver value to others?  Can you leverage your strengths to increase value for your organization, team, customers and clients?

Visibility.  How do people know about you and what are they saying about you?  How well do you network and make use of social media to create and broaden your visibility?

Engagement.  Deliver on your promises and your strength and value.  Personal branding is more than a clever slogan.  Ensure that you continually engage in developing your strengths, thinking and acting upon the value you offer to others and maintaining a vibrant and authentic visibility.

Oh, did I mention creating a resume that reflects your brand?

The PDC can help you with envisioning or developing a personal brand, or with your resume or other career planning needs. Please feel free to make an appointment with us at any time.

There are so many analogies between the branding of livestock and our branding of self.  But my word limit is up, oh well, so I’ll leave that discussion for another time!