Hiking in Hong Kong

A rainy day during our stay in Hong Kong, my coworker and friend Vannessa and I adventured to the unknown and went for a hike in one of the most beautiful hiking trails I ever seen. The adventure started with our commitment to get there using public transportation. Without knowing the language or being familiar with public transportation in Hong Kong, we managed to get to the hiking trail after taking a couple of subway trains, buses and walking. Once we arrived, I took a moment to absorb the environment around me filled with vegetation I was not familiar with. After a heavy rain and a few hours of hiking, we got to the top of the mountain and it was wonderful! Not only the scenery was beautiful, but this trip had more meaning because we had to overcome some technical difficulties such as language and transportation. Definitely one of the best hikes in my life!



Kirstin Salazar, Management and MIS

So, I’ve been back in The States for a while now. I miss Prague. I miss my time there exploring another city and finding new things to see all the time. I miss hanging out with my friends there and going through new experiences with them. Surprisingly, I also miss my class and my teacher.

I took a Subcultures class (Humanities course), and I learned a lot about subcultures in the world, specifically in America and Europe. I learned about Banksy, whom I’d never heard of before the class. Not only was the topic of the class interesting and engaging, but I really enjoyed the class because of my professor too. She was one of the nicest, most down-to-earth professors I’ve ever had. She is Czech, and she grew up during Communist times in Czech Republic. When she was younger, she was in an Underground Band, which is so cool! However, while she is somewhat a feminist and a rebel, she also has Czech characteristics. For instance, she is mostly quiet and quite observant. She’ll give her opinion when asked, and while she feels quite passionate about what she’s saying, she is humble and not pushy when relaying her opinion. This type of characteristic is quite pronounced among the older generations of Czech people. The reason being is because back in Communist times, people didn’t really speak up or talk in public places because someone was always listening.  It was quite an interesting dynamic to see and watch, especially as an American.

Overall, Prague was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about different types of people. I tried new foods (which was one of my favorite parts). Most of all, I met a lot of new people that made the experience a thousand times more eye-opening and extraordinary.




Kevin Martin, Finance

Looking back on my time spent in London it was amazing to see how many different things I was able to do. Living in a foreign country was a once in a lifetime experience that has helped me see the world and different cultures in a different light. Everything from work to traveling to different countries throughout Europe had it’s own different feel to it. I’m so thankful I was able to go on this trip.

Miss it Already

Morgan Christel, Marketing

I’ve been back in the US for almost 2 weeks now and it’s still so weird to be home. I find myself missing London each day. No words can explain how amazing this summer was and I feel so incredibly lucky to have had this wonderful opportunity. I was able to not only explore London, but Rome, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels as well. I formed so many new friendships and gained memories that I will have forever. There is no doubt I will be back to London sometime real soon. Until then..

Reflection of My Summer in London

Laura Gummere, Communications Major, ’15

I can say without any hesitation that my summer in London was the best two months of my life. As I reflect back on my trip, I realize how fortunate I am to have had this life changing experience. I was able to have an international internship, receive school credit, make new friends, and travel Europe all within in 10 weeks. Every day in London consisted of something new and exciting, whether it be exploring a new part of the city, gaining valuable work experience, or visiting a different historic monument. London has SO much to offer and I am happy I was able to fit in as much as I did during my two months there. I believe my international internship has prepared me for life after college by giving me the confidence to be in a professional environment. I am so thankful for all of the people I met, places I saw, and knowledge that I gained. Saying goodbye to my life in London was extremely difficult, but I am lucky to have been living in a place that made it so hard to leave. This trip opened my eyes to a variety of cultures and has inspired me to go back to Europe and travel more! 

Looking back

Cody Larkin, Marketing

I have been in the states for a shade over a month, and I have had time to look back on my time abroad. When reflecting on this experience, the one thing that strikes me the strongest is how large the world actually is. So many people, from so many different walks of life make this world such a great place. I was given a chance to glimpse into different lives. I would constantly have conversations with people whenever I got the chance, just to learn about how different their lives were than mine. It truly gave me perspective of life outside the U.S.A. Its one thing to read about other countries but visiting, and living in them makes your realize how different everywhere is yet how similar everyone is. This experience truly changed my life, and I would recommended this for anyone who needs to see how big the world truly is. blogblog


Sarah Spillman, Pre-Business

Simply put, my summer in London was amazing. I saw and learned so much not only about the world but also about myself, and had a great time while living in a foreign country, studying and working abroad, and traveling all over Europe. It was truly the experience of a lifetime and has shaped my path for the future. Every experience taught me something and opened my mind in a different way.  I feel like I’ve grown a lot after this summer and that is truly priceless. This trip inspired me to continue to get out there and travel and see what else the world holds. I now know that I would definitely love to live abroad one day and work in a different country.  This is something that is so exciting to me because I now have a goal to reach and a sense of direction in which I am headed. 

Until next time, London


Reflecting on London

Joel Redmon

Business Management ’15


My London internship experience was exactly what I needed to prepare me for finishing school and entering the workforce. Being in a different country, living with people I didn’t know very well, and working a new job has strengthened my tolerance for ambiguity and has made me more confident in my ability to problem solve. It also allowed me to practice my time management skills with having to constantly balance work with travel and touristy activities. On top of the work experience, I also got to build strong friendships with some amazing people from all over the world and create memories that will never be forgotten. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to have the summer I had.

My Amazing Summer In London

Amber McCoy, Management ’14

I can’t believe that this summer is already over. How did 10 weeks go by so fast? I had the most incredible summer traveling 7 countries, gaining 20 new friends, having an amazing internship and who can forget the 5 pub crawls! I gained professional skills that I will use in my future career from my internship, learned about British culture and history from the courses I took and experienced living in a foreign country. I’m very sad to say it’s over but at least I had the summer of a lifetime. London has been my home away from home and I can’t wait to be back and visit! 

London Summer Internship

Missing London Already

Alix Loire, Marketing

I still cannot believe that the best summer of my life is over. The last 2 months flew by and I would do anything to have another 2 months in the beautiful city of London. I made some amazing friendships and explored places that will forever be in my dreams. It’s hard to think that this summer is over but I know that I will always have the most amazing memories and friendships that will carry me on. The skills I learned in my internship, knowledge I gained in my classes, and the places I went I know will help me carry through my academic and professional career as I start my first semester in Eller and go on to finding my career. I’ll be back London!


london blog pp 

Hong Kong Reflection

Wansheng Qi, Accounting

This summer in Hong Kong is the most amazing summer of my life. 

I will miss the many friends I have met here and I made 2 short videos to reflect over it .

Wansheng Qi HK 2014


London Reflection

Jamie Zetz, Marketing

My study abroad experience in London has been everything I expected and more. I have learned a tremendous amount about London cultures and work environment. I have also leaned a lot about myself. I learned to be independent, to step out of my comfort zone, and to make the most of every opportunity given.

Looking back at my time in London, I have had such an unforgettable experience. A foreign country to me became a place I called home. Having an international internship not only is a great resume builder, but it also teaches real life lessons. I have grown both personally and professionally. This has been an eye opening experience to live and work in a culture unfamiliar to me. I have discovered a passion for travel and I appreciate other cultures as well as what we have back at home. I know I will be back to London in the future.